«Bulletin of Criminalistics»

In the journal “Bulletin of Criminalistics” are published articles on criminalistics, forensics science, operational-search activities of interest to practicing law enforcement officers, and also lawyers, judges, lecturer of criminalistics and researchers.

Research areas

Research areas of the journal include the issues of further development of scientific provisions of criminalistics and forensic expertology; the use of special knowledge in criminal, civil, arbitration and administrative proceedings, proceedings on administrative offenses; organization, regulation and provision of operative-search activity, training of forensic experts and teaching criminalistics and the theory of forensic examination.

Now published in Kolomna, Moscow region

The journal is published by the center of forensic examinations of the State University of Humanities and Social Studies "FACT" with the support of the State Educational Institution of Higher Education of Moscow Region «State University of Humanities and Social Studies». The journal remains committed to the theme and ideology laid by its founder – Professor Alexander G. Filippov.


«Bulletin of Criminalistics»

It has been published since 1999. Its founder, inspirer and first responsible editor was Professor Alexander Georgievich Filippov, under whose leadership the popularity of the magazine was constantly growing.


Since 2014, the magazine has changed its publisher. Professor Stanislav Alimovich Yalyshev became the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Since that time, the magazine was published in St. Petersburg. During this time, the magazine entered the RISC bases. The publication has received new subscribers in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia. Several issues of the magazine went to Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Sweden, where he was given a very high score.


In 2018, the journal again changed its place of publication and the composition of the editorial board. Now published in the Moscow region, but will try to keep its subscribers and authors. The plans of the updated editorial board to re-enter the list of WAC, to expand the number of subscribers. We plan to somewhat expand the scientific areas of the journal headings, including in it the issues of forensic expertology and operational search activities.


Thanks to the support of Mr. SA Yalyshev, we are starting to publish historical materials on criminal proceedings.
The journal remains further committed to the themes and ideologies that its founder, Professor AG Filippov, laid in him
I believe that our interaction in the field of legal science will continue.

  • The magazine is published 4 times a year.
  • The journal is included in the system Russian Science Citation Index
  • «Bulletin of Criminalistics» is now published in the GSGU
  • The scientific and practical journal “Bulletin of Criminalistics” has been published since August in Kolomna with the support of the State Social and Humanitarian University
  • The publisher is the Center for Forensic Examination of the State Architectural and Practical Administration “FACT” The editorial board consisted of teachers from the law faculty of the university: the editor-in-chief is the doctor of law, associate professor EV Ivanova, Head of the Department of Criminalistics and Criminal Procedure and Deputy Editor-in-Chief OG Dyakonova, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Department of Criminalistics and Criminal Procedure
  • Certificate of registration of the publication: PI No. FS77-21253 dated June 08, 2005, issued by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Compliance with Mass Media Law and the Protection of Cultural Heritage
  • The subscription index in the Rospechat catalog is 45004

About us

The journal remains further committed to the themes and ideologies that its founder, Professor AG Filippov, laid in him.

Journal «Bulletin of Criminalistics»


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