To the authors

The journal is distributed mainly by subscription. Subscribers to the journal are law higher education institutions and law faculties in Russia, foreign countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia), Russian law enforcement agencies (Interior Ministry, Investigative Committee of Russia), as well as scientists and practitioners.

Articles are published in the author's edition, the Editorial Board reserves the right to correct the text without changing the content of the submitted work.

Articles are published free of charge, authors' fee is not paid.

The Editorial Board is not responsible for the content of the submitted works.

Dear authors

Please read the following procedure for the submission of manuscripts, their design, review and acceptance for publication.

 The procedure for sending materials to the editor

1. The author sends in electronic form to the address of the editorial board of the journal: article and application.

2. To ensure compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of copyright, the editors of the journal "Bulletin of Criminalistics" proposes to conclude an author's contract for the publication of copyright materials (the Author’s agreement is attached). The contract is a public offer and does not need to be individually signed.

The contract is concluded after the journal’s editorial office receives the article and the application for publishing the article.

The application contains the following information about the author:

-information about the author (full name, date of birth, place of birth, passport data: series, number, issued, subdivision code);

-address of the place of work;

-email address;

-phone number.

The same information is provided for each co-author.

3. Submission of the article and application in electronic form to the editors of the journal is an acceptance of the conclusion of a gratuitous agreement with the editors of the Bulletin of Bullets magazine on the alienation of the exclusive right to the Work on the basis of Articles 1234, 1285 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

4. Articles are mandatory reviewed.

5. If the author is an applicant for the degree of candidate of Law Sciences, it is necessary to additionally submit a scanned copy of the review of the supervisor.

6. In case of inclusion in the text of the article of drawings, graphs, other illustrative material, the author should submit in a separate file these illustrations with signatures under each of them.

Manuscript Review

The journal reviews all manuscripts submitted for publication.

The review is carried out by a qualified expert on the subject of the reviewed material.

The review is carried out within 45 days from the moment the manuscript is received by e-mail to the address of the journal’s editorial office.

The review included the relevance and problems of the research topic, the relevance of the journal subject, the adequacy of the applied research methods, the degree of scientific novelty of the research, practical significance, style characteristics of the article, the reviewer's comments to the author (if any), as a general conclusion —the conclusion of the recommendation for publication in the journal "Bulletin of Criminalistics".

If there are comments of the reviewer, the author is recommended to make corrections to the article within 14 working days. After removing the comments and re-reviewing, the article is accepted for publication.

Reviews are stored in the editorial office for 5 years.

Articles published or accepted for publication in other publications are not allowed for publication in the journal "Bulletin of Criminalistics". If the article (material) is simultaneously sent to another publication or was published earlier, the author is obliged to report it to the editor.

The article is published in the author's edition, but in case of exceeding the volume, the manuscript can be reduced at the discretion of the editor.

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